Although you might enjoy the whiffs coming from your pipe or cigarette for a while, these scents could quickly become nagging odors if they linger. Imagine having friends visiting and then leaving in an instant due to intense smoke smells in your home. Tragic, right?

While a smoke odor spray can scent your home, this solution is only temporary. Getting rid of lingering smoke smell stemming from nicotine or ash build-up in your house's surfaces or HVAC system requires comprehensive solutions.

This in-depth article looks at vital cleaning tips and associated instructions to rid your home of unpleasant smoke smells. Ready to know more? Let's get started!

Removing Smoke From Your Home: Viable Steps to Consider

As we've established, using a smoke odor spray to mask smoke smells isn't a permanent resolution. Going this route, the chances of those pungent smells returning are high.

Thus, consider taking these steps to remove terrible smoke smells in your home:

#1 Dispose of Smoking-Related Items

In your bid to restore fresh air in your house, the first thing you'd need to do is remove all smoking-related items in sight. Whether they're ashtrays, cigar butts, or tobacco packs, dispose of them after use.

#2 Improve In-House Ventilation

If rooms in your home don't have enough ventilation, improve airflow within those areas by opening all doors and windows. Additionally, turn on all fans (ceiling and wall fans) to ward off smoke smells.

#3 Utilize Vinegar

Vinegar's low pH alters high-pH smoke smells and reduces their associated odors. To uncover vinegar's smell reduction attributes, pour a distilled variation into several bowls and set them on several spots in the affected room.

Upon placement, the added vinegar absorbs smells within days.

#4 Wash All Accessories

If a room reeks of smoke smell, ensure you gather all accessories — curtains, linens, sofa covers, and pillow covers — together and place them in the washing machine.

To heighten your detergent's cleaning power, add baking soda (one cup). Once washed, "air dry" these accessories.

#5 Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective for removing the smoky smell from your home. This cleaning route works on smoky floors, walls, and upholstery. The heat emanating from steam cleaners breaks down hardened oils and tar covering smoke molecules, letting you wipe associated stains using a sponge or microfiber cloth.

To dispel odors efficiently via steam cleaning, mist every smoke-smelling surface lightly with steam.

While moving the steam cleaner's head, don't stay at a particular spot for too long as it could make the area saturated. Besides oversaturation destroying silk and other soft fabric, it also melts drywalls.

#6 Replace the HVAC's Air Filters and Clean Associated Air Ducts

Most times, nicotine and grease can get trapped in your home's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The result? Lingering smells.

So, if you've taken the aforementioned steps, go the extra mile to replace your HVAC's air filters — especially those hosting accumulated smell molecules. You could also use a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to remove odors in the HVAC system.

After replacing HVAC air filters, examine air ducts for blockages caused by smoke molecules and clean them accordingly.

Preventing Smoke Smells From Ever Cropping Up: Is This Endeavor Achievable?

Remember the "prevention is better than cure" phrase? Rather than implementing numerous techniques to remove smoke odors in your home, you can prevent this issue from ever coming to the fore.


By implementing these suggestions:

  1. Inspect and clean your home's chimney annually.
  1. Don't forget cooked meals in the oven.
  1. Open the fire damper before igniting a fire. Remove the ashes once the fire dies out.
  1. Shut the HVAC return vent in your smoking room.
  1. Keep electrical appliances away from upholstery and drapery.

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Getting rid of unpleasant smoke smells around your home is a challenging activity. Nonetheless, utilizing the tips above will make your living space free from pungent odors in no time!

If you've heard about smoke smells wrecking people's homes and don't want to join the bandwagon, consider the evasive actions stated above. Also, consider investing in a smoke odor spray to ensure your home always smells nice.

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