Pipe manufacturers in Turkey have been crafting highly decorative tobacco pipes from meerschaum blocks for over 300 years. However, during the Victorian era, meerschaum pipes became desirable as wealthy pipe smokers and collectors acquired many smoking devices for daily use and show.

Meerschaum pipes' popularity continued into the 21st century. However, not all tobacco pipes sold under the name were made from solid meerschaum blocks. Therefore, before buying a new meerschaum pipe, you need to be properly informed to avoid buying a fake one.

We've crafted this guide to teach you how to choose the best meerschaum pipe and combine it with an OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Bold or similar quality tobacco for a spectacular smoking experience. Read to the end!

Aesthetic Considerations

Most smokers prefer meerschaum because of its beautiful coloring and intricate carving, especially if you're buying from antique pipe dealers. However, if smoking an antique pipe doesn't appeal to you, you can acquire a brand new meerschaum pipe and watch it take on a new color with time.

Meerschaum pipes come in various shapes and sizes. Whether you want an eagle design or a classic sultan look, you'll find one that matches your personal taste and preference.

More Neutral Tobacco Flavor

Most pipes sold today are often made from briar wood since the French first introduced it in the 19th century. While briar is an excellent pipe material, smokers have complained that it adds flavor to the tobacco used.

While some pipe smokers love the subtle flavor briar pipe bowls give tobacco, others prefer tasting their OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Bold or any other tobacco product without any competing pipe flavor.

Choosing a meerschaum pipe is best for those who don't appreciate competing pipe flavors. The choice to buy a meerschaum pipe depends on your personal smoking habit, your preferred tobacco, and your propensity to try new blends.

If you enjoy smoking heavily-flavored tobacco blends like chocolate, vanilla, or cherry, you might not notice much difference when smoking with a meerschaum pipe.

Alternatively, if you prefer smoking Balkan or English blends with complex flavor profiles, consider going for meerschaum pipes.

How to Choose the Best Meerschaum Pipe

When deciding on the best meerschaum pipe to choose, it'd be best to focus on each design model's shape, size, and design. A large pipe is best for smokers who prefer a relaxing, long smoking session. Alternatively, if your smoking session doesn't exceed ten minutes, you might want to go for a smaller meerschaum.

Regardless of the meerschaum pipe size you choose, ensure it's one you can comfortably hold.

Top 3 Pipe Tobacco for Your Meerschaum Pipe

Now that you've discovered how to choose the best meerschaum pipe, it's time to pick the right tobacco for your smoking device.

The top three tobacco brands to choose from are:

●    4 ACES Tobacco

4 ACES tobacco delivers more quality and a strong flavor than most blends. The brand offers tobacco blends that represent extraordinary craftsmanship with their powerful tang and satisfying aroma.

4 ACES have a smooth, refined, and moist aftertaste and texture, improving your smoking experience. This tasteful tobacco comes at an affordable rate despite its high quality.

●    OHM Tobacco

The OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Bold features fine Virginia and American-grown Burley tobacco while combining sweet flavors. This tobacco brand ages the tobacco, fermenting and sweetening the elements before blending it to create a smooth, intoxicating taste.

●    Bugler Tobacco

Bugler tobacco is renowned for making excellent cigarette tobacco. Surprisingly, most smokers don't know they produce pipe tobacco with the same quality that comes in menthol and blue flavors.

The Burley and Virginia tobacco is expertly air-cured and blended to produce an exciting flavor. Bugler pipe tobacco delivers a powerful but subtle flavor, burning fast and hot for a great smoking experience.

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